What I Wore 6

Sunday: The kiddo was home so I had to rep my not official Mo State Mama Bear wear.

Monday: I had moved this cape to the maybe closet, but I decided I really wanted to give it another whirl. It’s like winter’s answer to the kimono.

Tuesday: I feel like a lost boy. I love all of these pieces individually & in different groupings, but this feels a lit mishmashed.

My blue eyeliner & Bite honeycomb lippie are killer though.

Feeling a little too ragamuffin, I switched up my look for my husband’s basketball game. Really leaning into that coach’s wife style.

Wednesday: Bringing back a look from way back! I always feel so peppy in this belted dot top.

Thursday: I just adore my H&M crop with this high waist pant. It looks so good if I do say so myself. Tried to warm it up a bit with my cardigan & infinity scarf cause it was chilly this week.

Friday: Casual Friday in a cozy kangaroo pocket polo & ankle biters.

Saturday: Tunes & Spoons attire; chili cook off & local music.

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