Beauty Empties 4

I’ve been using up some product lately. Some are tried & trues & some are new.

Clinique Even Better foundation really is my favorite foundation. I’m going to finish up the lower price point options I’d purchased in an attempt to find a more budget brand, but overall I love this foundation the most.

I think my skin could use a shot of something to perk it up & this truth serum does the trick. I scooped this up with some sephora vib points. I haven’t checked the full size price. I’m sure its a pretty penny so I may have to do some investigating.

This is the clay mask version of that creepy sheet mask I tried awhile back.


I prefer this to the sheet mask. It seemed to really clear out my pores while leaving my skin feeling super supple & not dried out.

This was housing my lush seanik shampoo bar. It was a little drying, but overall I love how my hair looks when I use it.

Yep, I’ve already went through a new fall/winter fragrance. That cactus bloom was very summery so I switched it up with this honey jasmine. Musky with a hint of sweet. I’ve already repurchased!

My daughter gave up on this mask, but I finally finished it out. I have been using it every other day for the past week & those initial results were amplified. Soothing, brightening, leaving my skin feeling supple.


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