Miscellanea November 18


Oh man, Kathleen Zellner episode 6 in that hat is my winter wardrobe goal. Also, I’m pretty convinced the wrong people are in jail.

Well this was fun. Also, my niece is a dead ringer for Kiernan Shipka.

Why did it take me so long to watch Mindhunter? I breezed through the first season in 2 evenings. It is so good.

Popular opinion: The cast is amazing & inclusion rocks. Unpopular opinion: The story is not anything special. Typical romcom fare.


Christopher Robin is a weird fictional reboot of our beloved Winnie the Pooh. I thought it was going to be a biopic with nostalgic animation, but it was not. Disney missed a huge opportunity to explore the real life Christopher Robin Milne reconnecting with his childhood happiness.

Goodbye, Christopher Robin is a biopic about A.A. Milne & the development of Pooh stories. It was a little jilting, but pretty interesting.

Want to spend two hours sobbing? Watch Beautiful Boy. Watch it even if you don’t necessarily want to sob for two hours. I mean, you will sob, but it is worth it. Based on the individual memoirs of a father & son experiencing addiction from both sides. Timothee Chalamet will break your heart, but Steve Carell rips it right out with his grief. Bonus, Amy Ryan (aka Holly from The Office) plays Steve Carell’s ex wife.


Little Mix has an empowering new album out.

Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters was delightfully ridiculous. Just a fun read finished up just after Halloween.

Feeling especially engaged & motivated to make change. Run For Something offers some great antidotes & info for getting involved on a local level.


Getting involved in an initiative to revitalize our little town.

Exploring a nearby town’s small business market. Discovered a shop with amazing clothing & accessories.

Didn’t make it out on Small Business Saturday, but the weekend before I made the rounds for open house. Lots of these business are lady ran. Love supporting local businesses & is it wrong I love it even more when there’s a lady at the helm?



Got in a brisk walk with ladies dear to my heart this holiday morning.


One thought on “Miscellanea November 18

  1. Mindhunter is good! I loved that show. I am so behind on my Netflix, but I decided to save it all for my Christmas break (2.5 more weeks!) and in the mean time I am just reading my socks off. I’m totally on the reading train again.

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