Ocean’s 8

I watched this movie back in September & I was so taken with it that I knew I’d have to devote an entire blog to it. After 3 pages of notes & multiple viewings of the movie & special features, I realized it may be difficult for me to keep this to a single post. Wild, right?

I found it so touching the excitement the screenwriter Olivia Milch, director Gary Ross, costume designer Sarah Edwards, & actresses had to share this film with audiences. Tabloids were quick to spin that old chauvinist yarn that women can’t work together without catfights. Everyone involved seemed quick to put that tired line to bed. Much like the characters the cast acknowledged that they each brought their own unique brand of talent to the table. They were also taken with the notion that they are breaking ceilings in a genre that typically only has a token female supporting lead: see “A Fish Called Wanda.”

At the time of it’s release (you’ve seen the ads for “Widows”) I could only think of a couple female heist vehicles, “Sugar&Spice” & “Mad Money.”

What’s fun about Ocean’s is these ladies have no deep dark or tragically sympathetic baggage being used to justify their life of crime. They’re just criminals who are really good at their jobs & want the thrill of pulling of a $150million job.

It’s what made the Clooney franchise fun too. This reincarnation continues that thread of joyous jazzy coolness with an extension of it’s own offbeat eclectic style. That style integrates itself in the storytelling using the costumes to reflect its individuality.

Constance (Awkwafina) is an artful dodger, young & scrappy repping her street cred skater style.

Amita (Mindy Kaling) lives & works under her mother’s conservative & buttoned up thumb.

Nine Ball (Rhianna) wears her counter culture hacker life Army surplus duds with rastafarian vibes.

Tammy (Sarah Paulson), the fence turned soccer mom leaned into that suburban sass with slightly off pieces that allude to maybe her past being edgy.

Daphne (Anne Hathaway) is the diva actress with old Hollywood designs reminiscent of Marilyn & Elizabeth. Anne’s over the top portrayal really is brilliant. She has that whole dimwitted, doe eyed, gum smacking thing on the surface while cooking up a play to get what she wants underneath. Very Monroe & Taylor.

Lou (Cate Blanchett) is the right hand man & nobody rocks androgyny quite like her. She oozes 70s/80s club scene glam.

Rose (Helen Bonham Carter) portrays a washed up designer with a Grace Coddington/Vivienne Westwood victorian meets Japanese aesthetic.

Nothing epitomizes her dated attempt to cling to relevance better than her retro stewardess fashion show followed by Lou strolling in wearing what can only be described as the rock’n’roll modern hip version she should have shown.

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), the mastermind masterfully outfitted in clean, long, lean, minimalist, monochromatic attire appears organized, methodical, & singular.

The wardrobe really weaves the identity of these ladies together in a perfectly curated manner. I’m a little obsessed.


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