Dresser Fixer Upper

All the time spent rearranging my wardrobe I’ve been neglecting my dresser & it is starting to show.

The bottom drawer is home to workout clothes, “layering” tank tops, shorts, 2 maxi dresses that are too heavy to hang up, & keepsake tshirts. It’s so overstuffed that one corner of the base has popped out of its groove & makes it very difficult to open & close.

First things first was to empty the drawer. My plan was to snap a picture of the drawer before popping it back into place, then take stock of what I’d pulled put of there. Before I had a chance darn Lafayette got curious & hopped into the drawer. Except he didn’t stay inside the drawer, he went straight through! I had to perform impromptu drawer repair with a staple gun & tape!

After getting the drawer in good enough working condition I lined it with a piece of kraft paper & got started on refilling it. I decided the keepsake shirts should be in our keepsake chest. Not sure why they weren’t already. That cleared up some space right away. I removed 2 pairs of shorts that don’t really fit (but might by summer!*) & 3 pairs I didn’t wear much of or at all this past summer. What went back in were what were on rotation most recently.

I folded my tank tops up all nice & neat. I may need to replace some of these soon. Colors are fading out on a few, but nothing so serious that can’t continue being layered. I decided to put my 2 dresses in on top the shorts because I wear a tank nearly everyday & I didn’t want to be pulling them out errday to get to a tank. I also didnt want them at the bottom of the stack because I still want them handy.

Next up (& yes I’m going right to left for some crazy reason) are workout tops. I did pull out a couple tshirts & tanks that I NEVER wear. I like to fold these up in little rectangles so I end up with a little stack of ts & a little stack of tanks.

Finally my workout bottoms & sports bras. I pulled 2pairs of capris that I don’t wear anymore & kept everything else, just folded/stacked them up neater.

I feel so much better about life & grabbing my gear is so much easier now, lol. I’ll have to tackle my jammie drawer next!


*Yes, I’m being that person.

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