First Impressions 14

The What:

Just To Clarify Lush Jelly Mask

This mask is packed with papaya, grapefruit, & orange juice as well as ultra fine bamboo extract.

The Claim:

Rejuvenation, Refreshment, & Cleansing.

The juices & bamboo work together the break down dry skin & polish it away for a brighter natural glow.

The How:

Dip out a bit, apply evenly (I used circular motions cause those scrubbies felt good), let dry for 10min, & wash away with warm water.

The Rub:

This is the easiest jelly mask I’ve applied. It went on so easily. The scent is imo a lovely citrus. It dries down better than the other jelly masks I’ve tried. Now when I went to wash it away, those micro bamboo bits were AGGRESSIVE. Like almost painful so I had to be very light handed. However, the effects were as promised. Very glowy. My skin also felt moisturized & supple. I actually didn’t use my night cream & in the morning I didn’t need as thick a helping of day cream. I think this would be a nice bimonthly scrub. Maybe weekly, if I don’t scrub-a-dub as much to begin with. All in all I’m pleased with the purchase.


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