Curating Beauty Wintery Mix

Jack Frost was in the garden. I saw him there at dawn. Dancing round the bushes & prancing on the lawn. He wore a cloak of silver, a hat all shimmering white. A wand of glittering stardust & shoes of moonbeam light.

It’s that time of the year with snow & rain & sleet & sun. When frost covers everything at 7am, but the 50° sun teases spring by noon. Or vice versa.

Basically it’s all about layers.

I had to replace my black Tom wedge booties & I found this versatile pair at Charlotte Russe. For only $20 they are surprisingly comfortable. We’ll see how long they last. I know people like to dismiss fast fashion, but some items really do stand the test of time.

I’ve been opining all the beautiful nails I see on pinterest & decided to treat myself to some seasonal self care. Inspiration on the left & beautiful interpretation from Hannah on the right.

Not only warming up my wardrobe with layers, but my fragrance selection too. I’ve talked about the Elizabeth & James Nirvanas before, but as a recap Rose is probably my current favorite fragrance & French Grey smells like a winter day. I’m on my second tube of Maurice’s Honey Jasmine. It’s a sweeter scent, but there’s a bit of depth. I think before I said musky, but it’s more of a lushness. Newest to my collection is also from Maurice’s, Lucky Me, a warm sandalwood, sweet praline, & bergamot. It’s like having fresh baked cookies by the fire.

I may not be rocking that spectacular Jack Frost lewk, but I’d like to think I’m keeping fresh this winter.


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