Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD Sauced Style

I made my husband take me out for my birthday to a romantic Italian restaurant in Evansville. It was so dark cozy he had to use his cell phone to read the menu!

Luckily he got to see my sophisticated look in the daylight because it was not to be missed if I do say so myself.

You may recognize my beloved romper from here or here. I realized the other day that my JLo pants fit just right to disguise it as a blouse!

I like to keep my jewelry pretty lowkey with this romper, but I wanted something pretty to go with my nails so I stacked on these Charming Charlie rings.

I’ve been wanting to try out this pin for awhile & the colors really compliment the romper.

For as pale as I am, I’m not that pale! I think I managed a nice interpretation though. The lippie is my new LimeLife enduring lip color in macaroon. I’ll share more about this in a forthcoming post.

Happy Birthday to me!


4 thoughts on “Curating Beauty OOTD MOTD Sauced Style

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