Miscellanea December 18


On top of viewing our favorite Christmas movies & Doctor Who episodes*, we rented several movies this month. They were all good. Obvisouly Incredibles 2 was incredible & Dog Days adorable. Happy Time Murders made me laugh more than anticipated, but solely because Melissa McCarthy is so funny. Life of the Party was way better though. The House with the Clock in the Walls is way to long of a title, but a fairly charming tale. The Spy Who Dumped Me was basically as expected. Venom probably surprised me the most. I figured it would be a little too action heavy, but it really wasn’t. The story definitely had issues, but the cast was great.


Checkout my goodreads for thoughts.

Spotify told me to listen to some new music, so here it is.


Our local “children’s” vocal studio Christmas concert was filled to the brim with vintage classics & fresh bops. Love supporting Katie’s passion.

All the local shopping events have been awesome this year. I’ve really tried to embrace shopping our small town first. I love supporting people I know & maybe getting to try new things I never would have known about. More to come on what’s going on in this picture at a later date😘

Sorry to terrify you, my husband did not appreciate this sheet mask after seeing the Us trailer😂, but I unintentionally kind of made the past several weeks into a season of self care. For maybe the first time around the holidays I kept my wellbeing a priority. I’ve gotten manicures, tried refreshing new skincare products, had a full body massage, worked out regularly (even on Christmas!), eaten what I want without feeling sick about it, & only participated in activities/events that make me happy. You can call me selfish if you want (you wouldn’t be the first), but it’s been a lot less stressful.


Birthday dinner at Sauced was delicious. This prosciutto platter was mouthwatering & our entrees (spaghetti squash in marinara w/a white zin for me & shrimp scampi linguine in white wine lemon butter sauce w/Coors Light 😜 for him) were delectable.

We took dessert on the road because I’ve been wanting to try this ice cream shoppe (Milk&Sugar) ever since my daughter told me about it. Bourbon Pecan topped with waffle cone = YUM!

Last weekend we topped off a girls day out with lunch at Comfort by The Cross Eyed Cricket. This bloody mary was an appetizer in itself, but you know I didn’t pass up the fried green tomatoes! We were there early enough to still catch brekkie so I went belgium waffles, 1 went chorizo skillet & my other 2 gals got all the fixin’s with 1turkey & 1fried chicken. Talk about comfort!




*We watched our top 3: The Doctor, The Widow, & The Wardrobe, The Snowmen, & The Time of The Doctor. These were in chronological order, but we still got a chuckle when in between viewing we noticed BBC was airing the ones we were watching in the order we were watching at the same time. It’s the little things.

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