Casual Promises

I’m the queen of making plans, but not actually doing anything (see pinterest) so no New Year resolutions here. Instead, I borrowed Mindy Kaling’s clever instagram post.

This actually got me thinking, what are some things I want to do or am already confirmed to do in the new year.


Going with a fresh set of murderinos to see our cult leaders on tour in April!

Going to Cabo in June!

Possible lake vacation!


This is not our bedroom, but this is sort of the vibe we’re going for, so finishing this waaaay extended redo.

Trying new restaurants!

Hopefully The Dollop boys will tour nearby & we can get a history lesson in person.


I’d like to see some other live entertainment with my family this year as well. Perhaps the ballet, circus, & symphony!


I really do take time for myself quite a bit…maybe it’s a much younger I’m almost an only child syndrome? Whatever, I’m going to keep it up.

Keep listening to audiobooks or maybe actually get my hands on a book again!

I think I’ll keep up the manicures. I may finally be breaking some bad nail habits.

Continuing my yoga practice & building strength to do some of those crazy poses.

Get wifi (it’s apparently available in our neck of the woods again!) & watch all the streaming procedurals/mysteries/thrillers/etc!

I’ve really been wanting a new piercing(s) for ages. This may be the year.

Ride my bike every chance I get! It has a basket, maybe I’ll get brave enough to run weekend errands when the weather is agreeable.


So it won’t be as adorable as one of these guys, but I am going to need a new car in the coming year.

I think it will be a good year no matter what casual promises are fulfilled or what new whims come my way as long as I remember

Forever is composed of nows.

-Emily Dickinson


9 thoughts on “Casual Promises

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  3. Those are some good promises. My one and only promise to myself is to take up swimming once I finish this round of dance classes. I think your bicycle promise is a funny one. Holland is bicycle central. I don’t even own a car (never have), but solely get around by bike, foot or public transportation.

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