First Impressions 16

Limelife by Alcone Enduring Lip Color

In my December post I mentioned the shopping events my town had hosted during the holidays & promised an explanation of the above photo. Well here it is!

A work pal (Hey, Kendall, Hey!) is a beauty guide for Limelife by Alcone. I had never heard of this brand, but it’s a makeup artist/stage favorite that’s been around since the 50s.

I tried out the Dew Date Face Oil (a dab on my lips to moisturize a bit) & Enduring Lip Color in devil’s food.

I really like this shade & the Dew Date seemed to help slough away some stubborn crustiness leaving very supple lips.

I decided to purchase their holiday special, the Holi-ball. I got 3mini products in this decorative ball.

So far the only product I’ve really had a chance to use is the Enduring Lip Color. Devil’s Food was not available in the Holi-ball, but one of their most popular shades, Macaroon, was. Its a mauve-y nude. Right up my alley!

The Pitch:

Professional formula applies as a liquid & transforms into a matte, velvety finish with long-lasting, intense, opaque color. Kendall wore her’s during Thanksgiving & required only minimal touch up, so the bar is set high.


Initial application before breakfast/coffee. Man, I just can’t beat this natural light in the mornings! Gorgeous!*


Less flattering light in my cubicle. I’ve had breakfast (breakfast casserole & fruit) by this point & a couple cups of coffee. I didn’t notice any transfer to my mug & really this held up wonderfully.


Post lunch (salad & tea) looking a little sparse in the center. I applied a bit of lip balm, then did a dab of color to even it back out.


Post birthday dinner & dessert it is completely gone, but it truly lasted until I had to wipe my salivating drool away a million times during dinner.

I’d say the formula is a homerun. I don’t even want to say it dries down from it’s liquid application because there’s nothing drying about it. It just becomes a velvety matte lip. I will be purchasing Devil’s Food in the future for sure.


*Yep, I called myself gorgeous, I mean, in the right lighting & all.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions 16

  1. You are gorgeous! And that lipstick looks stunning. I love liquid lipsticks with a bit of a dry down. They last all day and if I’m teaching, eating, talking, drinking coffee at work I need something that will last all day and I don’t have to think about it.

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