Miscellanea January 19

In the spirit of fulfilling my casual promises I thought I’d sort this post a bit differently than I have in the past.




Chloe’s main Christmas gift this year was an outing to see Anastasia with lunch at Curtain Call Lounge. We got all dressed up, had a lovely lunch, & enjoyed a beautiful show. BONUS there’s a ballet number!




I shared my ensemble in sugar & spice, but I’d be remiss to not share my daughter’s stunning style.



With Chloe home from college for winter break we thought we’d get in more Netflix time, but we really only watched the Sabrina Solstice special (Honestly, not as good as anticipated. Maybe I should watch it again though to be sure.) & randomly Gambit because Colin Firth (surprisingly enjoyable).

Taking advantage of having Chloe home to babysit her kiddos, my cousin & I went to see Mary Poppins Returns. On a week night! Oh, this movie just hits you right in the childhood. Love it so much!

On the way home from Anastasia we stumbled upon this song that legit sounds like Jolene’s response. It prompted us (all 3 of us!) to spend the night before Chloe headed back to school snuggled up in bed & went on a country music binge. It was so fun sharing all our favorites with her!


The walls are painted, some caged edison bulbs are up, & I made this silly, but accurate canvas.

My husband & I rented this for a date night. It is highly stylistic, has a good cast, interesting story, but man it just falls short of how cool it’s trying to be.




Check out my goodreads for more ratings & reviews.

I clicked on this Design Home game that kept popping up in my pinterest feed & it just started downloading. I’ve been playing this damn game everyday since.

And because I love homes I follow my cousin’s real estate feed, #homebeautiful, & this awesome architecture feed.

Keeping my mani pedi fresh & my manicure changes color!

And while the fam hasn’t gotten much Netflix time in together, I’ve been binging. The 2nd season of Handmaid is just as enthralling as the 1st. I hate to admit that I’m finding the owl theory plausible after watching The Staircase. The cat & I watched Watership Down. I promise you Lafayette was entranced by these rabbits. I was taken myself. It is a sweeping adventure with a wonderful voicecast & a surprisingly sexy credit song.

It’s been a good month. It goes fast, but I’m not really sad cause that means warmer weather again soon. Right?


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