Beauty Passport

Hotel is booked. Flights are booked. Guess I better get a passport!

Yep, I’ve managed to go these 35years without needing a passport, but all that changes this year. This is one of those casual promises that while not legally binding is more than casual. I have committed to a girls trip to Cabo! Cabo! I’m so excited.

I work out of town & live in a rural area so it has been a bit of a chore to get this passport prepared. I realized I don’t actually have a certified copy of my birth certificate so I had to travel to a 3rd rural county court house to pick that up. I did the photo at CVS, got a money order at Walmart, & I’ll have it all prepared & off for approval Friday from the post office in the town where I work. Listen, I’m sure there are hoops wherever you live, but good grief!

Thank god I’ve been doing this blog for awhile cause that natural smile without teeth, but not really smiling all while not looking like a serial killer is a real trick. Especially when they snap one picture & call it done. Also, I had a yucky fever blister.

Luckily, my Macaron Enduring Lip Color & a nice tight touch up with concealer kept it from being barely noticeable.

I kept my makeup pretty natural I feel. I’m sure if they frown upon glasses, they don’t want you in wild makeup, but who knows!

Fingers crossed it all gets processed smoothly!


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