SAG Awards 2019

The Screen Actor Guild awards remains (see 2018 & 2017) a playful fashion night with stars in vibrant colors, lush textures, & intricate patterns.

I especially enjoyed these 3 makeup looks as well. Simplicity with a twist!

These men kept the style factor turnt too.

And let’s take a moment to talk about Megan Mullally. Shortly after it was announced she would be hosting she posted a little insider tidbit that she buys her red carpet looks online. I find this surprising since NBC famously bought the Will&Grace porches, but the 2nd lead doesn’t get dress swag? Perhaps this is her prerogative? Anywho, she & the W&G costume designer pick a dress online & work together to style a look. She does get to borrow jewelry so that’s nice. I’m surprised designers wouldn’t be knocking down her door since she’s been a primetime staple since 1998, but I love that she’s actually getting gowns from Net-a-Porter & & looks good to boot.

Hopefully, everyone keeps taking Alan Alda’s advice.


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