Mini Trial

Limelife by Alcone Skincare

I’ve had my little 2 day facewash trial tucked away since my Christmas on Main shopping trip. I had several other one off products I wanted to use & then I was asked to do a longer trial for a friend. I didn’t want to keep slathering new things on my face without giving it a little recovery time & I wanted to get a real feel for how the products treat my skin in its typical state.

Finally at the end of January I felt like it was time. I was gifted samples of a day & evening cleanser with my purchase & decided to start with the evening cleanser.

Dream Clean is supposed to combat acne causing bacteria & heal & shield skin. Aloe is the heal & shield part of the equation. It locks in moisture, promotes redevelopment of healthy skin cells, & blocks pollutants. Soapberry is a natural cleanser that fights bacteria & inhibits melanin so age spots & sun damage are less visible. It also packs in white tea extract with antioxidants & a crazy named algae that has firming qualities.

It’s a pretty liquidy cleanser.

It does suds up nicely & I like the fragrance. It has a very natural clean scent. It left my skin feeling fresh.

I followed it up with Dew Date for extra suppleness. This oil blend reduces inflammation, promotes skin cell regeneration (this seems to be a theme), & protects from damage. Palmarose is an essential oil for inflammation, helichrysum is an extract for cell production, & schisandra fruit extract reduces cell turnover.

It feels pretty nice. My skin soaked it right up so there wasn’t any waiting to get into bed.

In the morning, I rinsed my face with warm water & used the Quench Cleanse. This focuses on hydrating & balancing. Aloe is back for the same purpose as before. It’s joined by rose water to sooth & hydrate & foraha fruit seed oil to eliminate toxins & strengthen cells.

This stuff reminds me of my grandma’s cold cream. It is thick. There are no suds.

Its feels really nice & left my skin feeling very smooth. Like a perfect canvas for makeup or not; I’m pretty sure I went makeup free.

Obviously 2 days is not enough time to form a full opinion, but these are definitely products I would try again if I hadn’t already found my holy grail face wash.

And yes, my pjs do consist of a preppy izod button down under a ratty Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt. It’s cozy.


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