Miscellanea February 19


The wardrobe in this movie may warrant its own post. The plot is a little bit Gone Girl, a little bit Pretty Little Liars, a little predictable, a little more than a little okay.

Why, did I wait so long to watch this movie!? It’s fucking hilarious. I watched it a second time before returning it to the video store. Yeah, wild right? We still have a video store.

The live action Disney Original Movie Kim Possible was a disappointment. There were some very fun nostalgic things & the kid from The Goldbergs was perfect as Ron, but this was poorly executed. I guess everything isn’t possible for a possible. Also, I don’t think the twins even said their trademark “hicka-bicka-boo” “hoosha.” SMH

Wildy inappropriate & totally endearing is pretty much the entire vibe of Valentine’s Day, right? My Furry Valentine fits the bill.


Overrated, but I don’t hate Jason Momoa.

Possibly underrated because apparently the lead actor required an acting coach on set. Frankly, it felt like a pretty decent Harrison Ford impression.

I love Paul Rudd.

My husband really tiptoed around this, like he didn’t dislike it, but he thought it was spotty. He’s not wrong, it is spotty. I think he expected more because it was touted as some gender genre game changer when in fact it was essentially the same heist shit Liam Neeson’s been participating in like he’s gotta meet some quota. His biggest complaint was they didn’t let Viola Davis go big enough. He’s not wrong.


Did I spend February 2nd watching Groundhog Day? You know I did.

Obviously I had to watch this hot mess. Yikes, what a nightmare person!

Accidentally watched a Trevor Noah doc & I’m not sad about it, now to watch his actual comedy specials. Ellen, charming as always.

In 1wk Vanessa Hudgens was my favorite part of 2shows: pulling a mean All the Way May on Drunk History & a spotlight hog Maureen on not live Rent. Gurl has got it goin on.

Keeping up my pinspo manis

Finished 2 books so far this month. Hop over to my Goodreads if you want the dets.

Obviously before watching the Valentine’s episode, I binged season2. The girls had a story arc this go round & it hits you right in the adolescence.


Our impromptu outing to go watch my gal’s husband’s band included a stop at Effing Brew. The beer was eh, but the food we clearly demolished was effing good.

Just your average fare for a flock of murderinos. My biggest takeaway from everything we watched? How did Ted Bundy lose 25lbs in 1 week!? I’ll never be that committed to my diet!

My sweet dear friend gifted me this tshirt* because she said when she saw it she read it in my voice. I can’t blame her, I am a god damn delight!


*Hit up Evan+Elee for awesome custom goods!

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