The Oscars

Several men were serving lewks!


Paul Rudd better than a “Baldwin” any day of the week.


Jason Momoa is such a jubilant treat & love that he’s reppin a matching scrunchie.


With a Twist:

Billy Porter has been striking quite a pose on the red carpet. He werked 2versions on Oscar night. A scaled down column for interviews on ABC & Christian Siriano’s immaculate gown giving new meaning to androgynous style.

The women filled the style spectrum with many checking multiple trend boxes.



Avant Garde:

Lady Gaga channels Holly Golightly, but with leather & a tan. She even gets to sport the Tiffany Diamond only worn once before by none other than Audrey herself.

Understated Sophistication:

Yep, Gaga nailed avant garde on the carpet & understated sophistication on the stage staying aligned with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe.

Glitzy Glam:

Pleating & Draping:

Pants & Suits:

Lavender Pearl:

Glenn Close wore this to the Spirit Awards, but I’m putting it here cause I feel a cool new trend coming on & I am here for anything lavender.

There was also an adorable winner in what I can only describe as Ms. Frizzle goes to the Oscars.

Domee Shi

Hair trends were easier to pin down. Which is ironic I suppose, because they were either easy everyday soft wavy locks or slick straight parts.

Makeup was pretty much subtle, soft, & sweet with a touch of drama here & there.

And that’s a wrap on the awards show season!


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