TBT Prom 2k18

We basically started planning for prom as soon as homecoming was over. Really, probably as soon as the prom before was over. We had lofty goals.

We wanted a showstopper. Something unlike what the other girls would be wearing. She may have also been watching a lot of Reign.

Her hair would be adorned with some delicate halo.

And her makeup sultry.

If you think the dress is going to be a hard get, you should see my idea for the promenade procession.

I scoured website after website looking for an acceptable version of the Zuhair Murad gown. Meanwhile, my daughter’s aesthetic sharply shifted.

Honestly this was going to be a little more realistic, but I wasn’t ready to give up the dream. Idk when the other girls started dress shopping, but we didn’t set foot in a store until January & that felt late. It was plenty of time for a late April dance, but we’re busy people. We happened upon an interesting dress in Macy’s after a weekend away for a scholarship interview.

We didn’t buy it because we wanted to give ourselves more time to look around, but in the end this romantic floral set against black tulle was the one. I think it may have even been the only dress she actually tried on, but don’t quote me on that.

Maybe even before finding the dress, some of her other plans changed. She wanted bangs & got the idea to do a clean top knot with thick fringe.

I think when she started thinking lighter apparel & fringe she started thinking about a fresher face.

Everything started to fall in place.

My friend’s dad had the perfect chariot.

She looked perfectly alluring & even prompted an underclassman to wear a similar look to the following year’s homecoming.

Sparking trends must run in the family 😘


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