Miscellanea March 19


I’m getting better at not picking my nails now that I’m paying to have them taken care of.

I’ve been listening to this spotify station between audiobooks & podcasts.

Check my goodreads for reviews.

I’m real back & forth on this movie. At times I think it was really good & at times I think it was shit. I don’t think it’s a must watch.

Dumplin’ was great. I ❤ Dolly.

I had high hopes for this, but the story really just fizzles.

Happy Valley was a brilliant british procedural. Season 2 wrapped in 2016, but apparently they may get around to doing a third. Fingers crossed.

Safe was pretty good. I like the cast & it did keep me guessing for awhile.


Spring break was spent watching all the shows.

John Cho as a distraught dad? Yes please. Thank you Georgia & Karen for making sure murderinos knew about this movie.

Boy Erased was an interesting watch. I had certain expectations, but this isn’t really a tug at the heartstrings kind of film. It was a little more fraying at the edges, but very matter of fact.

Eight Grade is a perfect representation of a certain type of awkward adolescent.

I loved Blackkklansman. It was so damn infuriating at times, but the thread of humor was perfect. This is one of those true stories that if you pitched it as fiction people probably wouldn’t believe it & that’s why whitewashing (in all it’s variations) of history has to be undone.

Speaking of whitewashing, I know The Greatest Showman got lots of flack for romanticizing PT Barnum, but this is a very enjoyable movie.

I’m pretty sure there’s a tweet out there about Mamma Mia 2 being the equivalent of being white wine drunk at 2pm & it’s not wrong. I think it’s a compliment, just pure fun here.

I think its a little unfortunate that the series has ended, but all good things must come to a close.

We got to watch our talented kiddos in a production of Shrek Jr. So saucy!

My husbands 40th was opening weekend of Captain Marvel so we took him out to see the movie followed up with lunch at Gerst Haus. He used to spend 2wks every summer in Germany for the reserves so we thought he might enjoy so good ole Bavarian food & he did indeed. Then we made him stop by Honeymoon so we could try the Rami Malek Macchiato. It’s delicious! Oh & Captain Marvel may be my favorite marvel movie. And maybe #unpopularopinion it’s better than Wonder Woman?

We also took my dad to see How To Train Your Dragon 3. I cried. I’m ridiculous. It’s a fantastic movie. Also, I couldn’t stop thinking how much Hiccup looks like Neville Longbottom the entire time, but spoilers he has a beard & suddenly turns into Jake Gyllenhaal.


We had an epic charcuterie & wine night this month. You should be jealous.


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