Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

Seems like this time of the year I really start to wistfully wish for a wardrobe remix. See Lackluster & OOTD MOTD 57. This year is no different. Building on my fall inspiration I’m still seeing high waist pants with french tucks & athleisure comfort, but with some tailored touches.

These kicky crops are growing on me. I didn’t come across any that fit my shorty legs well last year, but maybe this year!

It’s not spring/summer without a drapey jersey dress that can go from layered up to full blown beach vibes.

I’m really wanting a plaid boyfriend blazer. I also, wouldn’t mind an actual white or sky blue shirt dress. Mostly the blazer though. Imagine it over a tank & those kicky crop jeans!

Also, I totally love the idea of a daytime pajama set. Especially paired with the white tennies.

I do believe I can use a lot of these as a jumping off points for what’s currently in my closet, but I may need to do some shopping for some key pieces.


4 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

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