Riviera Review

This show came out in 2017 & of course I was interested (Julia Stiles & murder mystery? Yes please!), but we didn’t get Sundance. It recently started running on a station we do get. I have to say I only lasted a few episodes. I really wasn’t connecting to the characters or story. However, I almost kept watching for it’s stunning sun saturated locale & Julia’s expensive everywoman wardrobe. You know that seemingly attainable effortless chic style that is clearly costing thousands of dollars to pull off? I’m a sucker for it. From the 4 episodes I did watch Julia’s art curating widow character has built her wardrobe on 3 pillars.

Sharp Suits

Look! A neckerchief! Did I see this before I bought mine? I honestly can’t remember, lol.


Perfect for cocktails or trailing a suspect!

Shirt Dresses

The shirt dress feels like her primary go to. Aside from the bold vertical stripe (which I saw all over the place for spring) Stiles is dressed in vibrant solids that flatter the bright hues of the French Riviera. She looks sleek & subtle without being overly styled in every scene. Basically the antithesis of the gaudy new money American trope. Also, basically how I want to look in sunny San Jose del Cabo.


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