A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor’s biggest virtue is Blake Lively’s wardrobe. Every immaculate detail drives her character & sets the tone for the entire movie.

In true Serena van der Woodsen fashion, the wardrobe became a branding tool. So much so that Lively continued suiting up for every press/red carpet event while promoting the darn thing.

That is not a complaint. You know I love a lady in a suit!

I’d say she really enjoyed the space to play because the actual movie pieces, although stunning, were deeply rooted in tradition.

Drawing on inspiration from Marlene Dieterich & basically everyone Helmut Newton photographed in the 70s, the suits were meant to evoke a masculine overtone to cut the sweetness of Anna Kendrick’s supermom character.

They were also a nod to director Paul Feig’s signature 3piece ensemble.

Most noteworthy is that the costume designer gained access to the Ralph Lauren archival collections to create a mix of womens & menswear pantsuits. Most of the accessories were scavenged from vintage shops to add to that one of a kind allure the character exudes.

The results are sleek statement making high fashion.


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