What I Wore 8

After being inspired by myself, I decided to keep it going & pulled together a work week’s worth of ootds.


This is preblog. I adored these arrow patterned joggers from Maurices, but the seam ripped out DURING work after very few wears! The Lauren Conrad for Kohls blazer may have made it into the early days, but it has long since retired with a discolored collar.

I do still have the button down though! I was a little hesitant about these patterns together, which doesn’t make sense because it is so similar to something I wore without any concerns before. Maybe it’s because my when I wore it at my last job I’d been there for years & I still feel like my current employer is getting used to my style?


Far From Frumpy

I really like this cape & I always feel pretty good in it, but it doesn’t always seem practical. The weather has to be just right. Too hot & it’s just a jacket, too cold & it’s bunched uncomfortably under a coat during my work commute. This week it worked though.


A little preblog Spencer Hastings-esque inspiration with a little high waist short love.

You KNOW I am down for a stripe & blue/orange combo! Also, I am very proud of this little braid. If I do the braid again, I’ll make sure I have time soften the rest of the look with some waves.


Curating OOTD 20

Still love this ensemble, however, the jeggings are way stretched out.


Curating OOTD 16

Challenge 3

Neckerchief for the win! This blouse is a good one for the spring/summer.

Shopping my past ootds has been a great way to get ready for spring. Definitely time to switch my closet around & remove anythingnot seasonally appropriate*, is stretched out, or too big**.


*Difficult when it’s 36° at 10pm & 65° at noon, but you get the idea.

**While a lot of things really are wearing/stretching out, I’ve also lost 20lbs since January 2018. Some items really are too big. I’m partially excited & partially sad to see things go.

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