Miscellanea April 19


Watching & Listening to lots. Not pictured is The Dollop. I’m YEARS behind, but I did get through 6 months of episodes this month. Lives Like Loaded Guns is an intriguing dive into the scandalous Dickenson family. The Murder Squad is a pretty direct & dry true crime podcast from Paul Holes & Billy Jensen of the Golden State Killer “fame.” I find it interesting, but it can be a bit gruesome. The Act has been phenomenal take on Dee Dee & Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Patricia Arquette should win all the awards. Sleeping With Other People was downright fun. There’s a moment when Jason Sudeikis calls after Alison Brie “I’m on facebook” then immediately to himself says “That’s a weird thing to say out loud” & it feels like the new “I carried a watermelon.” Marcella was a twisty little 2 season ride. I enjoy an unreliable narrator, lol. Rounded out the month with something I thought would be a little lighter. Shrill is lighter in some respects (spoilers, there’s no murder), but it still hits you with some feels. Aidy Bryant is a god damn delight. I loved this show so much I’m going to watch it again.

So my head was hurting basically everyday after work & my eyes were super dry so my gal Ciji suggested blue light filter glasses. Good call, girl, my eyes feel so much better! I ordered these from Walmart, they’re “the alchemist” by Prive Revaux.

Getting bright for spring!


More murder! We spent easter weekend at a live recording of My Favorite Murder. We attended a murderino meet up beforehand at the midtown Urban Chestnut. They had a great cider. We took our show on the road & grabbed dinner & dessert at The Fountain on Locust. I was so excited to try this place out. The zanzibar chocolate ice cream was to die for. The show of course, was wonderful. I laughed so hard I teared up. Karen & Georgia are amazing.


Took my mom to work with me & as a special treat we stopped for lunch at Farmer Ts. I can’t believe this adorable little cafe exists in Cisne!


The husband tried sushi for the first time & I sat through a 3hour action movie. It must be love.


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