Easter Ensembles

3 looks for the holiday weekend.

1. Friday night dinner & dessert with my granny.

  • The Limited Cargdigan
  • Rue21 Tee
  • Maurices Tank
  • Earrings from Wild Rose (local boutique)
  • JCrew Chinos
  • Belt from Kincaids (local hardware store)
  • Beast Fashion Sandals

And I did a little matchy matchy eyeshadow look.

2. The My Favorite Murder show.

  • Maurices Flannel
  • BoredWalk Tee
  • Klique B Jean
  • Beast Fashion Sandals

Oh, the trials of trying to get the perfect picture. Also, I had my first glimpse of what Nora Ephron was talking about in I Feel Bad About My Neck. Don’t look too closely.

A remix eye look using Too Faced Gingerbread Spice featuring Boa from Sephora Pantone Watercolor.

3. A super casual makeup free lazy Sunday.

  • Faded Glory Hat
  • Warby Parker Frames
  • Hanes Sweatshirt
  • Klique B Jean
  • Toms Tennies


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