To Kondo or Not to Kondo

I’m sure everyone’s aware of the biggest home organization trend to hit since TLC’s Clean Sweep, the Marie Kondo Method, but I have yet to give her Tidying Up a try. After seeing joy sparked post after post of neatly filed clothes I thought this might be the solution to my overstuffed dresser drawers. I had already done a hack job on one drawer, but really needed to tackle the pajama drawer.

Now I didn’t go all in. I’m not reading her book or watching her show. I just simply searched pinterest for some examples of how to fold my clothes while I caught up on Graham Norton’s talk show.

These graphics from Juju Sprinkles were easy enough to follow. Frankly, I’m not sure what all the hullabaloo is about, this is essentially retail folding with an extra step for making items the appropriate size to file.

I emptied this crammed drawer & got to work. Part of the reason I needed to go through this drawer was there were winter pajama pants that I didn’t wear once this past season so I knew those needed to go. I had also recently supplemented my spring/summer pajamas with my husband’s faded dress shirts. Yes, I’m that woman. Every since my friend Nicole gave me a monogrammed oversized dress shirt as a bridal party gift it has been my favorite pajama style.

After a few minutes of folding & figuring which items to file together I had an incredibly tidy pajama drawer that kind of did spark joy.

So much so that I pulled the other drawers & konmari’d them as well.

Even Lafayette approved.


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