Miscellanea May 19


Pop over to goodreads to see my thoughts.

My bimonthly manicures are such a sweet treat & I’m putting my money where my mouth is to support local business.


Laura’s a runner & I just decided to get back into it. I figured what better time than with a pal at a winery!?

My murderino squad obviously had to watch the new Ted Bundy movie. There’s some upset over Zac Efron’s hunky appeal, but Hello! Women were attracted to Ted! That’s part of how he lured them in! The movie felt a little disjointed, but I wonder how much of that comes from Liz’s book. I need to read “The Phantom Prince.”

My friend’s husband got her (us) a subscription to Hunt a Killer. So when we aren’t talking true crime we’re solving a fake crime.

And to lighten things up a bit we decided to watch Schitt’s Creek. I had caught a few episodes here & there, but I’m so glad I finally watched the whole thing*. This show is so funny & sweet. One of my favorites for sure.


When your husband coaches 8th grade girls & you’re a little crafty you get asked to make graduation cards.


Celebrated Mother’s Day with my Granny & made her a succulent teacup.

My pal & I brought my daughter home from college.

But not without getting some yummy bites at Druff’s first.

Inspired by our basic bitchness, Chloe recreated the purple drink at her summer job.

Had to try out the hip new local eatery Jovalou. It’s definitely going to be a staple.

Hmm…I adore Eddie Redmayne, not sure I adore this movie.

Keeping up those casual promises! My daughter & I went to the opera last night. Full post coming soon!


*Seasons 1-4 are on Netflix. Season 5 just wrapped on POP so hopefully it will be added soon.

3 thoughts on “Miscellanea May 19

    • I liked the movie, Zac Efron seemed to pick up on his mannerisms effortlessly. Kind of wish it focused more on Liz & her child, but that’s why I want to read the book. I wonder how honest she really was about that time in her life. I’d imagine it has to be extremely difficult to fully express the experience.

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