Cabo Preview

I’ve been told by my husband & daughter that they are tired of hearing about my impending vacation to “CAAABOOO!”

Lucky for me I have a blog to tell everyone about it & they don’t have to read it. Humph!

My best gal Ciji (CG) has done ALL the planning. I basically just got a passport & prepped my packing.

I’m planning to do all carry on. I’m a pretty light packer so I think this will be doable even with the liquid restrictions.

I obviously researched ensemble ideas on pinterest.

One of the hot tips was picking a color scheme & selecting a few interchangeable pieces that work for various activities. Hello my dear friend, Capsule Wardrobe, it’s been awhile. I started with a jumpsuit I intend to debut on vacation & worked from there.

This is not the jumpsuit, but this is basically the color scheme; cactus, pineapple, & avocado. Think desert-y beach.

Travel Mode

  • H&M crop
  • American Eagle jacket
  • H&M cargos
  • Beast Fashion flats


  • Aeropostale bralette
  • Victoria’s Secret shorts
  • Express button down

Out & About Ensemble

  • H&M t-shirt
  • Love Tree shorts

Jumpsuit Debut

  • JODIFL jumpsuit
  • Maurices tank
  • Maurices heels

Out & About Ensemble

  • Teen Bell kimono
  • Zenana Premium dress


  • Better Homes & Garden bath sheet
  • Aqua Green one piece suit
  • Mudpie hat
  • No Boundaries sunglasses
  • Old Navy flip flops
  • Old Navy sports bra
  • Aerie high waist swim bottoms
  • Danskin shorts


  • Lucky Brand necklace
  • Handmade earrings
  • Gray Area Boutique bracelet

I also did lots of research on what can & cannot be in my carry on (thank you TSA) & tips for getting around the liquid rules. Biggest help was wipes & bar cleansers so I’m not taking up precious space with shower products.

Instead of taking my large jar of moisturizer I scooped some out into 1 side of a contact case. I pumped some primer into the otherside.

Now you may be asking yourself, is that too many makeup brushes? The answer may be yes. My makeup will match up with the ascribed palette & Gingerbread Spice definitely fits the bill. However, I may want to do something with a punch of green or purple or pink. I want the option & I’ll have the space so in they go!

After picking everything out I decided to actually pack everything up so I’ll know how it goes instead of stressing Tuesday.

Everything fits nice & tidy in my daughter’s trusty L.L. Bean swim team tote.

And of course I still have my personal item which will easily be my poolside bag as well.

All packed & ready!


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