First Impression 17

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara

I’d finished off my trusty Tarte Amazonian clay mascara & was planning to pick up a tube of Benefit They’re Real, but turns out it doesn’t come in waterproof! I generally prefer waterproof in the summer because humidity & I needed something that would hold up at the beach. After this upsetting discovery I wondered around Sephora aimlessly until I spotted the Milk makeup. My daughter’s been loving her blur spray so I decided to take a look at their mascara offerings. Lo & behold they had a waterproof option & sephora had a mini version so if I hate it I won’t be stuck with it or have invested too much!

Guys, I wouldn’t consider myself naive typically, but for some reason the word Kush brought to mind images of soft pillowy lashes not pot. Apparently, I’m a super dork. The hemp derived cannabis oil conditions & is flake free. Everything I’ve read talks about heart shaped fibers that bind better than traditional string fibers. That science is beyond me, but did you read the directions? “Wiggle the puff puff brush from root to tip.” Adorable.

The puff puff brush looks like your standard mascara wand & it does the typical thing of globbing up at the end.

Fairly standard solution of swiping around the top of the tube until you have the appropriate amount of product.

Now that that’s taken care of it’s time to see how it fares.

Mascara free & hair not yet fixed

Mascara on & you may recognize these shots from MOTD 84

Mascara roughly 9hours later after the workday

Mascara after a quick mile walk before dinner. Temperature was around 70°

Mascara at the end of the night by edison bulb light

I like how well this coated. Initially it seemed a little gummed up, but I think I started with a bit much on the brush. It held up very nicely throughout the day under various conditions. I’m not sure I really care for the wand. I may have to try cleaning up an old one to use, but overall I’m definitely happy with my purchase.


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