Miscellanea June 19


Dinner with a couple gals that I haven’t had the chance to sit down with in awhile. It was great.

More to come on Cabo!


Honestly, didn’t celebrate this as big as I would have liked because there was just a lot going on this month, but we spent time together & that’s what’s important.

We also have installed a new light fixture in our bedroom. Buh-bye boob light.


Just a sneak peek!


I had to make sure I got the burger of the month from Jovalou, so I “made” my daughter split one. That’s a boudin wonton on top & there’s a boudin ravioli inside. Inspired.

Ibotta had a really good deal so I ordered Hello Fresh for us. My husband won’t be too interested cause there’s green on it, but my daughter has enjoyed picking out meals & cooking together. My referral code is CLYNNHO, if you wanna save $20 on a box.

Oh my goodness, Mindy’s big movie! We have been so excited for this ever since she instagrammed about snagging Emma Thompson for the role she wrote for Emma Thompson. It showcases Kaling’s snappy wit with Thompson’s elegantly arrogant delivery. The movie is kind of predictable, but also fun & fresh.


You can find my reviews on goodreads, it must be said Karen & Georgia are the gold standard by which I live my life. Thank you Whitney for telling me to listen to them.

Caught up on the silly subversive Sabrina, palette cleansed with a sweet popcorn flick, & dove deep into Sharp Objects. Oof, I really enjoy Gillian Flynn’s novels & this dramatization doesn’t disappoint.

And what would #selfcare be without a mani pic! #lemonade #beyhive

And I may need to add a new category to my casual promises.


My recent What To Do This Weekend post became my most viewed/shared post by a landslide. I may have tapped into something that garners me a bit more traffic (which I still can’t decide if that’s the point of this or not) & maybe actually does a bit of good for the place I call home. Either way a recap of our bicentennial is coming.


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