Have I mentioned that I went to Cabo? Oh, only here, here, here, & here?

My travel prep obviousy included a root touch up & vacay mani pedi.

As witnessed in my preview I was basically packed & ready 4days in advance. I’m a lunatic. Full disclosure though, I did not fully unpack for just shy of 2wks. I’m a lunatic?

Day 1 was some early morning travel.

The early travel was worth it cause we got to our beautiful destination just in time for bogo happy hour drinks!

Of course we had to get our toes in the ocean*, but man was that sand scorching! Couldn’t stand to be idle longer than a few seconds & the waves created by the peninsula make for some crazy undertow. It was a quick photo op then back poolside for the rest of the afternoon.

We rounded out the day hitting up a big box grocery store looking for the most americanized fud we could find before catching some zzzs.

Day 2 we ate some homemade brekkie (avocado toast obvi) before hitting the beach. This time we were out there early enough we didn’t suffer 3rd degree burns for a photo.

We spent the entire day poolside with refreshing beverages. The weather was warm, but breezy. It was basically perfect.

After spending night 1 in eating pizza we hit the streets of historic San José del Cabo for an art walk. Perfect opportunity to wear my new jumpsuit!

Where’s pictures of all the cool art vendors set up on the sidewalks, you ask? Look off to the right of my ootd, they’re setting up. I’m pretty vain, don’t you just want pictures of me in this exotic locale?

We did a little bit of explorin shops & found a hip brewery to have dinner.

Day 3 we hit up the touristy San Lucas. It was super fun, but damn I could not handle much off resort time there with people asking me to take pictures with their iguanas.

Doesn’t everyone start their day off with tequila shots?

Then we set off on our excursion to the famous arches.

How does everyone feel about this Ariel? I mean, most likely what sun stroked sailors thought were mermaids anyway.

Pacific Ocean view.

No filter. Straight up just this gorgeous in person.

After our excursion we checked a box off Julie’s bucket list & ate lunch at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo.

We did a bit more commercial exploring before time to meet our ride back to the condo.

After another dip in the pool a few of us decided to head back in town for dinner.

This taco joint was legit. In the name of friendship we each took a bite & passed those tacos around.

We did a bit of souvenir shopping before heading in for the night.

Tempted, but didn’t get it. I’d been keeping my eye out for a cute key chain instead. They love their Frida & so do I.

When I got home I decked her & Fulang-Chang out in tassels. That sounds weird, but it’s cute I swear.

Back to Cabo & the only iguana I want a picture of.

Day 4 we attempted to eat everything in the condo before time to catch our plane outta there.

And then we had a crazy adventure after our adventure. 3 of us bought one way tickets instead of round trip. While everyone with round trip tickets got their connection in Denver we were stranded for a hot minute at LAX. We ended up getting a flight into Kansas City, Mo then driving all night (early morning) to St. Louis. At least we had time for a meal between flights.

Final notes: Use Uber, it’s super affordable & the drivers are super chill even though no one seems to be following any rules of the road. Don’t worry about converting your cash to pesos. Basically everywhere takes dollars or will run your card. There’s usually a conversion on the receipt too. Also, how extra am I? Somehow I ended up in the middle of this group photo🤣


*Okay, so technically the Sea of Cortez, but whatever.

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