My hometown recently celebrated it’s bicentennial with a day long festival. If you follow me on other platforms you may have seen the upcoming images, but I thought the day warranted a nice wrap up.

Our day started bright & early with a trip to the dmv. Had to get Frida legal! After that ordeal a spicy bloody mary was necessary.

Seriously, the breakfast of champions. Once fortified with a healthy morning dose of vodka we made our way across the street for a stuff & save event at The Gray Area Boutique.

The snakeskin print kimono & beachy stripe dress are not mine, but I am kinda of wishing they were. I picked up a black pencil skirt & the 2 lingerie-esque tanks. Can’t wait to share some looks!

Visiting the children’s area required a vanilla lavender almond milk double shot latte from Battlegrounds.

G’bless the brave souls that organized & ran these activities.

If only the train could have transported me down to the Victorian Bed & Breakfast grand opening. It was a hot walk!

Worth the visit though. The band was playing rousing regimental music on the shaded porch while tours were taking place. One of my friends actually used to live in this house & we’re contemplating having a slumber party now that it’s been restored.

On my way back for my shift at our Y Fairfield booth (a community revitalization organization I’m part of) I took some time to read up on the history of our downtown. Unfortunately I was not eligible to win the prize because I was privy to the answers.

If The Alley seems familiar it’s because we have long utilized it’s graffiti for photo shoots*.

Musical entertainment on the mainstage was underway early evening with the city band buffering between rock sets on the courthouse lawn.

We capped off our evening with delicious appetizers & cocktails back at Jovalou.

And one last look at that sweeping mural celebrating our small town’s start.


* Fresh, Soph, Junior, Senior

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