First Impressions 18

Back on that pre Cabo sephora spree I wanted to pick up a new cream stick highlighter. I’ve had my benefit watts up for awhile & with consistent use it will be gone soon. Without much thought or research I tossed a mini milk makeup luminous blur stick on the counter.

Looks similar enough to watts & I figure blurring would have a soft focus effect.

No highlight

Highlight not yet blended


This is almost comical. I see zero difference once I blend it out. Surely there’s some subtle glimmer, but building it up would require lots of product imo.

Now I stand by my statement in my recent o/motd, this is one of my favorite motds of all time, but seriously is this blur stick making a difference?

So I did a pinch of research post lack of luminosity to see what milk makeup’s intention is with this product.

Luminous Blur Stick is a golden pearl-infused, solid primer that absorbs oil, minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines, and leaves skin with a luminous matte effect. You can swipe it all over your face for a illuminated base without any other products, layer foundation on top for a lit-from-within effect, or spotlight certain areas you want to glow

Ah, so it’s really a primer. Makes more sense.

I’ve since used it alone & under foundation. On its own I don’t feel like it does much. Oddly under foundation I think it tends to pull too much light to my forehead & chin. Areas I’m not wishing to illuminate! I’d say this is not going to be a repurchased item.


3 thoughts on “First Impressions 18

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