I’ve shared about body image before & #selfcare tidbits in miscellanea, but I thought it might be interesting to do a somewhat regular Body blog. This one may come across as a humblebrag, but if this blog isn’t an exercise in vanity then I don’t know what it is, lol.

Basically 2 and a half years ago I was at my highest weight, a good 40lbs more than when I was pregnant. My new job offered free weight watchers membership & I decided to take them up on it.

I initially lost like 20lbs in 3months. I thought I had figured “it” out. I stopped tracking my food because it was super tedious & worked out sporadically. I put nearly all 20lbs back on by the end of the first year.

Around that time ww changed their zero point foods. They added a shit ton. I decided if I didn’t have to track zeroes I’d be more likely to track. So I started tracking.

This helped so much. The consistency makes me so much more accountable. I started very slowly shedding some pounds. Sometimes the slothliness is discouraging, but then I just look at my weight journey* over the last year.

At the beginning of this year I decided to really start tracking my physical activity.

June was a little tricky with my vacation, but just before I reached a milestone 25lb weight loss. I only gained a bit back, so that seems like a win. I’m keeping a weight loss calendar to remind myself those little setbacks are little setbacks.

Since being back I’ve been trying to be super consistent with physical activity. Lafayette helps me do yoga.

And my friends got me doing these crazy beach body guides. We just completed week4. Full disclosure you’re supposed to do each 7min circuit twice, but we were not ready for that intensity. Weeks 1 & 2 we just did 14min & week 3 & 4 we added in a 3rd circuit. Next week we’re going to try the full 28min. Eeekk!

When the rain stays away we do aqua zumba twice a week too.

Something else ww does is give wellness wins for like tracking & showing up to meetings. I just used some of mine to donate meals to a family. Yay for feeling good body & soul.

I think non scale wins are super important so I love the little badge for tracking & wellness wins that can be used for various prizes. Also, a few weeks ago I was feeling cute & left my house in just a sports bra for a walk.

Might delete later, lol


*Eekk! So scary to share those numbers, but in the name of authenticity there they are.

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