Miscellanea July 18


Our dark & moody bedroom is finally coming together. We had removed the ceiling fan shades & replaced the bulbs with vintage edisons ages ago, but this month I finally painted the blades. It’s a little less 90s mobile home now.

I’d been toying with the idea of a gallery wall around the tv, but I decided we have enough photos & tchotchkes in other areas. Instead I did a simple H & finally hung the arrow.


Manicures, Audiobooks, & Serial Killers! Early Riser was pretty great. Finally a new book from my all time favorite author! My Friend Dahmer was kind of boring. Feels a little like revisionist history of a guy trying to come to terms with his potential complicity in “making a murderer.”

I have to show off my daughter’s exquisite nails created by our favorite manicurist at Dyepretty.


We met up for a wellness day put on by our local hospital. Basically just there for the zumba, but it was a neat event.

We didn’t watch Big Little Lies together, but we were all watching it & discussing on our walks. By far my favorite Reese Witherspoon character. Really hope it comes back for season 3.


The new Spiderman was a fun summer flick for the whole family. Stranger Things continues to deliver. I ❤ Steve Harrington forever. I watched Wine Country twice in 1day. First by myself & then with my daughter. It may be my new go to when I want something good on falling asleep or in the background or on a boring Saturday afternoon. I’ve had a few guys tell me they didn’t think it was funny. Well guess what fellas, it’s not for you. I think it’s a perfect representation of female relationships. I adore it.


So this happened & made my week.


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