College Living IRL

I shared some inspiration for the upcoming college move & now it’s time to share how things came together last week.

The Living Space

She was the 2nd to last to move in & as previously mentioned a couple girls came with family furniture. We didn’t have anything to do with the decor, save for Edna the kitchen cactus, but it all came together nicely. No complaints from me when things are free!

The Loo

Pops of color & cheekiness as promised.


Here’s a look at what we were working with. We did a bathtub dye job on her blanket before leaving. She had a mattress & bedframe shipped directly to the house cause Frida was packed to the brim like an expertly played game of tetris. The dresser was a freebie from her housemate. The wayfair bedframe was a quick & easy set up. The same cannot be said for the desk. There actual editor’s notes on the directions!

Step 2 only makes sense when looking at the parts list because this step is missing the defining hardware holes for each part. We need all of this information so we can simplify & reduce confusion for customers.

Step 3 does not show the location of where the dowels would be placed.

Much like other parts in these instructions, Part 9 is missing important hardware hole indicators.

We did manage to pull together a pretty sweet space.

We then treated ourselves to delicious ramen at Karai Ramen & Roll.

The takoyaki (octopus puffs) was weird, but the ramen was freaking amazing.

So here’s to another year as a Missouri State Bear!