What To Do After Work

Burning at both ends sounds like a bad thing, but work doesn’t work without play. You gotta get out & do!

Is that enough platitudes for you? I’m sure I can come up with more. But seriously, this week there will be plenty to do so don’t waste your week away doing the same old same old.


Stock up on everything you need to get your porch ready for fall! Shreves Pumpkin Patch is open nightly till 6. If you need to unwind from the Monday of it all get lost in the corn maze with an apple cider slushie.


Think simple, Taco Tuesday! Hard shells are on special or splurge for the shrimp at Taco Tierra.


Dance the midweek slump away with Betty!


The Fall Fun Fest will be in full swing!

See who is crowned our next Miss Fall Fun Fest on the main stage at 8pm.

📸:Penny Shreve


Rock your socks off with Plantinum Rock Legends. Word has it this band impersonates everyone, just look at their poster! Fingers crossed they include their boyband segment featuring the adolescent tunes of Nsync & One Direction.


Really go all out & spend the day downtown (uptown? I really don’t understand the logistics) enjoying everything the fest has to offer.

See you there!


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