Challenge 12

This Promesa top has been hanging in my closet for at least a year & I don’t think it’s ever been featured on the blog. Usually, I’m chomping at the bit to show you any new items.

My issue is the neckline. It’s sort of square & sort of slouches off the shoulder. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it gives me pause before wearing it to work. The obvious solution was to put a tank under it.

Jewelry includes handmade earrings & Maurice’s bib necklace

In my first work look I just wore it loosey goosey over my plaid leggings. Frankly, I don’t like the faux knot. It’s too loosey goosey. I prefer an actual tuck or actual knot to cinch the waist a pinch.

Jewelry includes Maurice’s earrings that you can’t really see & Life is Good leather wristband.

In my second work look I french tucked that faux knot & felt a lot better about life.

Earrings from The Gray Area Boutique

I decided to take an after hours approach for my third look. I went full tuck for what I like to think of as my “railroad conductor” shorts. I was clearly feeling myself.

1. Aerie bralette, Love Tree shorts

2. Maurice’s tank, leggings, & sandals

3. Maurice’s tank, H&M trouser

So basically a full or french tuck makes me more comfortable, put a tank under it for work, & stop overthinking it the rest of the time.


2 thoughts on “Challenge 12

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