Miscellanea September 19


One morning I woke up & locked eyes with this smoldering visitor outside my window.

Lafayette & our guest proceeded to have a 30min stare down before the outdoor cat sauntered away.

A month after move in was family weekend so I took one for the team & tailgated.

I also did the requisite dinner out, home sprucing (picked up this adorable tassel rug at The Corner), & movie time!

#relationshipgoals ?

After my husband prefaced Bill Burr’s new special with “you’re probably not going to like this” I felt like I had to watch it to prove I’m not a liberal snowflake (you’re a conservative snowflake!). Guess what, I didn’t like it. So then we followed it up with Adam Devine’s goofy frat bro meets theater kid special. It’s not very good, but you’ll giggle & he’s likeable.


After watching Paper Tiger I thought better watch all the controversial new comedy. I mean, I laughed at Chapelle, but it’s pretty problematic. Aziz has proven to take a step back to evaluate himself & is just as timely, thoughtful, & funny as ever.

Whitney served as the perfect feminist palate cleanser. She’s the best.

I also managed to binge a bunch of other stuff. Here are my thoughts in particular order

  • Aladdin was delightful. I didn’t want to like it because Will Smith is no Robin Williams, but it works.
  • I don’t understand the X-Men timeline.
  • Ali Wong & Randall Park are damned adorable. I laughed so hard watching Always Be My Maybe.
  • So many thoughts about Wild, Wild Country. Is Sheela the best or the worst???
  • Mindhunter season2 is just as good as the first.
  • 13 Reasons Why was predictable, but as far as teen dramas go I like the show.
  • Derry Girls is the BEST!


I pinterest upped our front porch for fall with a visit to the pumpkin patch.

Manicures just make me feel good.

Oh the irony of sharing my thoughts about The Circle on the internet! This book is the 21st century social media version of 1984.

I got caught up on all my favorite podcasts & started a new one! I hate being told I’m wrong, but turns out I might be.


Took advantage of what our local community college has to offer. The self defense class was not quite what I expected, but it was well intentioned.

The Chanandler Bongs nearly took home the Gellar Cup, but we lost by 1!

The Elks first sip & paint went really well.

Ciji & I scoped some sweet photo spots during the Fall Fun Fest.

Our zumba crew got together for an end of summer birthday bash. This little nearby winery is always a chill time.

We took a little field trip to a big vendor fair. Cue Stefan voice, this place has everything; boutique trucks, a farmer’s market, antiques, handmade rugs, $300 5ft tall twig snowmen, kettle corn, sangria, sweet tea, & Jesus. It was a fun day.

I took a lot of my own advice this month experiencing my #smalltown & surrounding areas. Good times, but exhausting!


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