Body 2

I’ve decided I’m going to do a body blog at least quarterly. So last time I was just getting into a workout routine with my friends. We were 4wks into a 12wk program.

Weeks 5&6 we added an extra circuit bringing our workout to 21min. For 7&8 we went all in on the 28min 2rounds of each circuit. It was grueling.

Then life just kept coming up & we ended up taking a break. Also, I injured my hip & neck. It wasn’t strictly workout related, but I realized I couldn’t go as hard as I wanted because I wasn’t able to keep my form. When we came back to finish out the last 4weeks we went back to doing 1round of each circuit. We have been doing 2mile walks more often to tag on some extra activity. We also kept up with aqua zumba which transitioned to regular zumba in September.

While I got in lots of physical activity most of July I didn’t do so hot staying on point with food. I can’t really pinpoint anything derailing me. We were doing Hello Fresh which was mostly point friendly. HF also kept me from eating out as often so even though I wasn’t hitting that blue dot range it wasn’t because of take out. I think I was just still recovering from vacation.

In August my approach was to get physical activity at least 24days. That was pretty easy. Moving my daughter back to college even paid off activity wise. Looking at those blue dots I bet you can guess which days we were moving. Convenience food was king those few days. My goal was 2dots a week. Small goal, but mostly doable.

I had the same plan in September. Back at the first of the year that’s what seemed to work for me. Kind of broad small goals. They were easier to meet. If I didn’t have a super specific plan I didn’t feel as derailed when things went off plan. A little frustratingly I ended Sept with a slight gain. I’m still down overall, but a few activities set me back.

Something I’ve noticed is I struggle a little with binging. I don’t remember that being an issue for me in the past (like childhood/adolescence), but I wonder if I was always doing it & just not realizng it.

I really love that no food is off limits with ww because I think it’s a little dangerous to label foods good & bad. I also think there are certain foods that I just can’t seem to control myself around. Chips, pizza, sushi, chinese, & reese’s cups all come to mind. Like I will eat whatever package I have opened until it’s gone. That could be a single serving or a family size bag of Lays. Until I can figure out why I do that I need to be very mindful about these foods. They’re not off limits, but I need a plan to not gorge myself.

That’s something else I noticed these last couple weeks. I used to have a really bad habit of eating until my stomach hurt. A real Poohbear complex. It seriously just dawned on me that satisfied & full does not equal uncomfortable food cramps.

I’ve seriously been contemplating using my wellness wins to get a 90day subscription to Headspace. I think it would really help me get a more positive mindset.


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