Miscellanea October 19


You know what else is great about fall? New shows!

Prodigal Son is probably my favorite so far & it’s a travesty that there does not appear to be a gif of Bellamy Young saying Panera.

I’ve also been keeping up with everyone’s favorite tv family. I have to say though, I think A Million Little Things is better. If you haven’t watched Bless this Mess do yourself a favor. Ed Bagley Jr is comedy gold.


I got way into the spirit for our Film on the Fairway event, dressing up as Casey Becker complete with 90s Hardy Candy style pastel nails.

I also helped decorate our town square gazebo for Halloween. #smalltownrevitalization


During my daughter’s fall break we picked up all the cozy home fragrances. And yes, we love a cheap mainstays candle.

Can you spot a theme?

Warm Flannel Embrace: Citrus, Fern, Oakmoss, Cedar, Sandalwood, & Leather

Cozy Gathering: Peppercorn, Birch, Guaiac, Patchouli, & Suede

Cashmere Woods: Mandarin, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Bergamot, & Patchouli

Velvet Sunset: Apple, Mint, Jasmine, Brown Sugar, & Fig


Somehow my husband has never seen Jumanji???? After months of searching our home we finally found our copy in our daughter’s room. He likes the Rock better, but nothing beats the nostalgia of a 90s comedy with a tender family drama core imo.


Heads Will Roll was my commute soundtrack this month. Just a rolicking crass good time. Nothing heavy.

I FINALLY got around to watching Band Aid & I wish I would have done it sooner. Zoe Lister Jones can do no wrong. This delicate movie glimpses the tenuous strands that bind a couple with laughter & heart.


When Dennis Quaid visits a local -ish doughnut shop you gotta see what that’s all about.

Parlor is hipster decadence at its best.

We did lunch at an all you can eat hot pot place. Fun & Yum!

I spoil my staff, they spoil me!


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