#quadgoals 6

Saved the scariest column for last. All blues! I struggle with blue. I just end up looking bruised or tired.

This motd came about a third of the way through my palette experiment. I’d gotten into a little bit of an application rut, so I turned to Audrey.

Ah Sabrina, who could guess that in technicolor we’d find a reference to “la vie en rose” with blooming hues around those doe eyes.

I think the key here was not letting the blue cool the rest of the look down too much. It’s still very rosy.

  • Elf Soothing Primer
  • Clinique Even Better Foundation
  • Neutrogena Rice Protein Powder
  • Merle Norman Brow Sculpting Pencil
  • Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
  • Fruit Dove & Orchid Haze as Blush
  • Merle Norman Lip Crayon in Candy Stick
  • Elf Setting Spray

My ootd as seen in seasonal blends made more than a nod to the floral motif.

I feel like while the shadows did muddle together quite a bit I’m not upset with the outcome. It makes me a lot less nervous to la vie en bleu.


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