Miscellanea November 19


We took in this poor kitten out of the kindness of our stupid hearts. Lafayette is not amused. The plan was to find him a forever home, but it’s been a month. Locals hit me up if you want a scrappy little go getter.

Had my dad over for a movie night. I think he enjoyed it. I remember the original animation being a big deal because the wildebeest stampede was created with some new technology so it’s neat to see even more animation advancements with this one. The music is of course beautiful. Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen really make the movie. It’s all very nostalgic.

There’s been some basement work going on at our house. Unfortunately the trade off for a nice dry basement is no landscaping & a disappearing stoop. We moved the fall decor out towards the road which looked great until it snowed. Inside we started prepping for some potential holiday guests. Our spare room was a hoarders paradise, but after 15hours of organizing, cleaning, 1trunkload of donations, & 2trips to walmart for bedding/curtains I think we’ve got it minimalist guest ready.


We’ve been having Sunday dinner & movie nights. It’s been quite cozy.

Toy Story has really ran it’s course.

Secret Life of Pets 2 was pretty fun. This was Justin’s favorite of our animated series.

I think you know how I feel about HTTYD. Reference here & here.

We also did a night of strong female leads. These are good movies, but fall into a lot of standard tropes.

Okay now this movie cracked me up. I was never a 13year old boy, but these kids behavior ring true. It was raunchy without being gross & silly in a sweet way.


2Netflix comedy specials: Jenny Slate is a weird little delight. Seth Meyers goes surprisingly light on Trump & really hones in on parent humor in Lobby Baby.

2 Buddy Cops: Stuber is fine. Kumail is adorable. He & Bautista have good chemistry.

Yes, I am aware Justified ended like 5years ago. My husband deleted the final season from our dvr before I could binge it. It was upsetting. There were words. Anyway, Justified is brilliant. I love this show. I love Timothy Olyphant. I love Walton Goggins. I may watch the entire series all over again.*

Talk about adolescent behavior that rings true. Big Mouth is one of the best shows out there.

And talk about best shows; Schitts Creek is a god damn delight.


Getting those crunchy leaf glittery sunset fall vibes on my nails & a faux tortoise to boot.

I had finished up Dark Companion just at the end of October. That blurb on the front about being Jane Eyre for the modern era is false. It is an ode to the entire gothic genre & the author is quite a world builder, but it is rife with ya supernatural-esque bullshit.

Astray is a beautiful collection of short stories tenuously threaded together by their humanity.

An Unexpected Guest wants to be Mrs. Dalloway in a political thriller, but it doesn’t really do either well.

Of course, I’m listening to a new podcast. Whitney is one of my favorites & just look at her first guest!


I’ve definitely seen my friends more than this, but these are the 2 that stood out. A delicious homecooked short rib ragu dinner date & a surprisingly talented classic rock/country/pop duo at our local bpoe. More merry times to come!

Happy Thanksgiving!


*Probably not though because I always say how many things are in my queues on all the things.

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