Seasonal Blends Fragrance

Along with cozying up my wardrobe for fall I also like to change up my fragrances. This time around I went with all new scents.

Well, or new to me. I guess green clover & aloe was a throwback rereleased by bath&body works, but I had never heard of it.

The scent is actually meant to summery like fresh cut grass. The crispness is a nice alternative to my more warm & spicy fall fragrances.

Maison Margiela does a Replica line of reproductions of familiar scents & moments of varying locations & periods. By the Fireplace evokes the warmth of crackling flames while snow falls with clove oil, orange flower, vanilla, & chestnut. It really does smell like the fireside especially upon first spritz. It settles & I think fades quickly, however, I did have someone tell me I smelled like a swisher sweet 6 hours into wear. I’m not sure that’s what I’m going for, but I guess at least it confirmed there was some staying power.

After using up my Juliette vacation fragrance I wanted to try out another scent. Mmmm is mouthwatering elegance in a bottle. Distilled neroli, iris butter, jasmine sambac, caramel, raspberry, ground sandalwood, & a dash of patchouli whisk together for sheer bliss. This tiptoes a fine line of sweet & sensual.

Rounding out my warm & spicy selections is YSL Black Opium. Black coffee sweetened with vanilla & softened by white flowers blends together for a modern vibrant adrenaline soaked femininity. Basically, you a bad bitch.

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