Bedroom Redecorated

Keeping up on casual promises to myself & my husband we marked off a #relationshipgoals this month. Our long suffering bedroom redo has been completed!

I’ve shared a few updates previously & Labor Day weekend I took time to finish painting the built in & door. I also had my dad install a new light. I might be obsessed with these iron vintage fixtures.

Also, just a reminder this is what we were dealing with.

Now let’s take a little photo tour for the full picture.

A little closer look at this sentimental shelving unit. Items collected from loved ones & snapshots of happy memories frame my baubles. The centerpiece anchoring it all is a colorful vintage scarf my grandmother would let me layout & use for playing house with little found figurines or just make up stories about the people in the scarf.

Oh my gosh, I just realized I got really into taking pictures of this built in & didn’t get pictures of our chalkboard wall & coat rack. I know you must be devastated. You can peep that wall here.

As for the focal point of our room lets talk about this new bedframe. Basically ever since we moved into this house I wanted a new bedframe. We’ve always just had a standard no frills platform frame which was fine because we have always been able to have our bed against a wall. This bedroom has quirks which requires a headboard. After lots of pinteresting on my part & thinking about functionality along with aesthetic I presented this option to my husband.

With an unenthusiastic yes we proceeded with an insanely affordable* purchase from wayfair. I tossed some retro backrest pillows in for good measure. They have pockets!

Once the frame arrived he was much more enthusiastic. After getting home from his 2nd shift job he was excited to gopher parts & tools while I put this thing together*.

Now, here’s the thing, he made a request to use the elevated height setting. I’m not entirely sure why, but I proceeded with the request that set our bed at what I like to call ‘a murderer could hide under here’ alarming height.

My murderino sense was called out when he suggested I was simply upset that the ‘knobs’ (his words) weren’t visible. I mean, he wasn’t wrong, lol.

That detail was one of the reasons I chose this frame! They are still visible on the footrest so I suppose that’s something.

Minor compromise aside this space is really a collaboration. I’ve described it as dark & moody, but really we find the deep color scheme & soft lighting inviting & restorative. We spend a lot of time in our bedroom. There’s a tv & recliner in here for pete’s sake! We’ve taken care to blend what’s important to each of us.


*Man, this is when I think maybe I should be doing affiliate links. How do I go about that? Should I monetize this little passion project? Does anyone even care? šŸ¤£

*I promise you this is the best way for us to work together. He gives me the tools I need to get the job done. Is this a metaphor for our relationship? Maybe.

*More relationship metaphors?