Kept Casual Promises 2019


Epic charcuterie boards, murderino investigation sessions, blissful beach vacations, & everything in between. Honestly feeling #blessed to have the best core group of friends a gal could ask for.


My husband is not quite as adventurous as me & with such an inviting bedroom who can blame him for just wanting to veg out watching movies? He did try sushi this year so that’s something.


My daughter & I took in a musical & opera this year along with watching loads of tv & movies together. Between picking her up for summer & taking her back for fall we’ve also tried loads of great food. We’ve also supported our budding thespians at their endeavors. At the first of the year I managed to have a couple movie nights with my cousin. We had a blast & that is definitely something I need to schedule more often.


I believe you’ve met Frida.


I love a good facemask & manicure!

My favorite reads of 2019.

Taking my health, mind & body seriously.

Fancying myself the novice detective, I find Murder Squad & Fall Line interesting & informative. You’re Wrong About has quickly become my 2nd favorite pod. Their OJ Simpson series is great, but I’ve also love their take on DARE & Iran Contra. It’s fascinating!


I watch a lot with friends, family, & by myself. Most of these I’ve forced on one group after watching with another or just can’t get enough on my own time.

Yes, one of the best series I watched in 2019 is a show that ended in 2015. Justified is a damn fine show. Schitt’s Creek is probably my current fave. It’s heartfelt & fucking hilarious.

I’ll watch just about any movie, these are ones I have went back & watched multiple times this year. Wine Country couldn’t be any better & you know how I feel about How To Train Your Dragon.


Probably the thing I’m most excited about is getting involved in organizations that want to revitalize my hometown. There are some fantastic things coming for Fairfield.


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