Miscellanea December 19

Tis the season for Christmas movies

We watched all our favorites plus a couple new ones. Okay so Home for the Holidays isn’t new, but it was new to my daughter. How she had escaped this masterpiece is beyond me, but I think it may make it into the rotation.

We also watched a lot of other movies.

All of these are alright, some better than others. Would I watch them all again? Sorry Cats, but do check out Jason Derulo. He is surprisingly good. Knives Out & Little Women deserve all the accolades.

Somehow I also had time to watch a few series.

No surprise I think Fleabag is genius.

Tis the season for celebrating with food & friends & family

Speaking of food & family the 2 books I listened to this month were about just that. I know dead parents at Christmas sounds morbid, but it was a very beautiful biography about discovering your loved ones.

Now back to being happy & crafty! I’ve gotta show off this quidditch pitch terrarium I made for my Harry Potter loving cousin.

I thought this clothespin roommate ornament was adorable, but Chloe’s roommates want to know what kind of voodoo I’m doing!šŸ¤£

A very merry December indeed!


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