Seasonal Blends 2

Continuing my put a cardigan on it plan & putting into action more cozy tips.

I also put new prescription sunglasses on it from Warby Parker.

And did something kind of fun with my makeup.

All the regulars with Seraphine Rose Gold Blush (I snagged from my daughter while she was home for break) & Blush Honeycomb Lipstick.

  • Lid: Orchid Haze
  • Inner V & Brow: Rose Quartz
  • Lower Lashline: Grand Bleu

Put a blouse under or over it.

This is actually my Thanksgiving look & I did a little throwback to motd 11.

This is a blend of my regulars & some products I snagged from my daughter. I tried out her Fenty foundation. You definitely want to use a beauty blender when applying. While I like full coverage I think this may be too much. I felt ghostly. I tend to feel that way in any truly full coverage base. Blush is the Seraphine Rose Gold, lipstick is Bite Rhubarb, highlight is Anastasia Moonchild Glow, & eyes are Urban Decay Naked3.

  • Limit on entire lid
  • Nooner lash to crease
  • Buzz on lower lashline
  • Purple Horseshoe inner v

Put a blazer on it.

Put a jacket on it.

And we’ve got a little #quadgoals revisit with this ootd.

This one inspired me to try a kind of sultry motd.

I layered dusty eggplant (bottom, 3rd from left) with Figgy Pudding for a blush & went with Bite Sugarcane this time for lipstick.

  • Dusty Eggplant lash to crease
  • Figgy Pudding center lid & lower lashline
  • Lavender Pearl (top, 3rd from left) inner v
  • Dusty Lavender (bottom, 2nd from left) brow

Wear a sweater

  • Blush: Figgy Pudding & Dusty Lavender
  • Lips: Bite Rhubarb
  • Lid, lash to crease: Plum (top, 4th from left)
  • Entire Lid: Lavender Pearl

I was kinda feeling fly.

Also, with the bedroom redone I’ve got a new space for selfies.


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