Closet Space

How did I just now come up with this title!? I’ve written about rearranging my clothes 1, 2, 3 times at least! Oh well.

This time I was prompted to make a sweep when I was attempting to shove my fresh laundry onto the crowded rack.

Also, I may have purchased a new coat for an upcoming trip (no spoilers, lol) & my daughter got all snippy with me stating I own too many coats!* They each serve a purpose though! I think. Maybe.

Either way I need to clear up some closet space.

Right away I identified several pieces I don’t really wear often. I have questioned some (this one, that one) before! And no matter how much I say I love them (I do love them!) maybe I don’t really need them.

Now I’m probably not giving up any of these pieces above right away. I’m moving them to the spare room to see if I go tracking them down or forget all about them over the next several months. Also, I think I’m going to keep the teal floaty number till summer to see if I wear it more. And maybe that leopard blouse, because I can.

Alright, I don’t think I’ve worn either of these coats in the last year. The peacoat I’m totally okay with donating. I don’t think I’ve pulled it out of the closet in well over 2years. The Old Navy babydoll sweatshirt jacket though is too damn cute to part with just yet. It is going to the closet where it may live until I’m ready to cycle it back in.

Why does it look like these cardigans are dating? I’m basically obsessed with my cozy grandpa sweater so I never reach for anything else.

See above. I have worn the maroon one a couple times in the last 6months (here & here) though. I think these will make great lounge-y sweaters & they’re good to toss on after a sweaty workout to shield me from a brisk wind without making me sweatier. They get to stay, but luckily they barely take up space.

Alas, fair cape, I just don’t ever wear you unless I’ve challenged myself to do so.

I also keep trying to talk myself into keeping this sweater tunic. It’s not quite long enough to be a dress in my opinion. It’s going to the closet & perhaps I’ll set it free eventually.

I went through my scarves too. I’m donating the bright ikat. I never like how it lays. However, I’m holding on to the navy & olive one. I’m even keeping it in my regular closet. If I haven’t worn it by the end of the season it can go straight out the door.

Now then, I’m not letting these go. You never know when you’re going to need a good trench or a dressy lbd. I may not wear them routinely, but they’re required. As for the rosy kimono if I ever get the chance to see Florence + The Machine again I’ll be pissed this isn’t in my wardrobe.

And that’s that far now.


*2 coats here, 1 coat here, a mere jacket!

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