Casual Promises 2020

I’ve been putting off writing this post for weeks. Which is interesting because I think my theme for 2020 is Reclaiming My Time. Not to be confused with reclaiming my wine.

Basically I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it & I don’t want to feel bad about it.

Everyone is hustling & grinding & that’s great, but when I want to snuggle in my bed with endless coffee rewatching Fleabag, that’s what I’m going to do. And I don’t want to feel like I should be “being productive.”

I work full time. I workout 2-3nights a week. I’m involved in various organizations. I attend basketball games that my husband coaches. I try to show up for school/community stuff my young family members participate in. I’ll drive 5hours for my daughter’s productions. I spend as much time with people I want to spend time with as I can.

My house is never clean because we are slobs. I eat out minimum 3 times a week. I only do laundry once a week max. I watch a shit ton of tv/movies. I spend endless hours scrolling social media while listening to podcasts.

And I don’t feel bad about it.

I do probably need to be a little more organized though. I have a terrible attention span which is probably from media overload & I don’t get enough sleep during the week. I also forget tasks & procrastinate which is no bueno when involved in a city revitalization project.

So I bought a planner & put my adorable office supplies to use.

Will this make me go to bed earlier? Maybe not, but does it give me something more tangible & is more visually appealing to work from (which I’m more receptive to) than my phone screen? Yeah. Will having something tangible & visually appealing to work with help me create a plan, stay on plan, & not feel overwhelmed or burnout? I fucking hope so.

Here’s my casual promise to myself to make shit happen or not do shit, whichever I feel like.


3 thoughts on “Casual Promises 2020

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